Trane Geothermal Systems

Geothermal Systems

Geothermal systems heat and cool your home by tapping into temperatures beneath the earth’s surface. The renewable energy deep inside the earth delivers a limitless supply of heat to your home, offering consistent comfort. With a sustainable geothermal system, you can reduce your carbon footprint and increase your energy savings.

Packaged Geothermal Systems

These geothermal HVAC systems combine geothermal power into a packaged system. Instead of relying on fossil fuels, Trane packaged geothermal systems use electricity to access the temperatures found in the earth. Fluid travels through the earth and through a coil that either absorbs or dissipates the heat, depending on the season.


EER up to 40

Cooling Stages: Variable Speed

T2GX / T1GX 

EER up to 29.4

Cooling Stages: Single or Two Stage


EER up to 23.7

Cooling Stages: Two Stage

Water to Water Geothermal Systems

Trane water to water geothermal systems heat and cool your home by circulating fluid underground and transferring heat to another fluid loop built into your home. The Environmental Protection Agency has recognized geothermal systems as one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool your home.


EER up to 17.5

Cooling Stages: Single Stage


EER up to 22.5

Cooling Stages: Two Stage

Split Geothermal Systems

Split geothermal systems are ideal if you have limited installation space in your home. These systems use a ground loop connected to a refrigerant loop to absorb or dissipate heat, working more like a traditional heating/cooling system with an air handler or furnace inside the home.

T2GE Outdoor 

EER up to 25.1

Cooling Stages: Two Stage

T2GN Indoor 

EER up to 27.6

Cooling Stages: Two Stage

TAMG Hyperion Air Handler 

EER up to 27.6

Cooling Stages: Variable Speed

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